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Monday, 15 December 2008

Saturday Night Live!

The sluts had a wonderful, wonderful Saturday night! We were at heritage bouncing from space to mansion. It was great, especially after not being there for quite sometime now. Met kazillion old friends. The weather wasnt great though, it rained. sigh.. But that didnt damper our spirits. We were all out that nite, getting on the podium and all.. hahhahaa.. luckily i wasnt in my three inches.

Owh yah, guess who i met that nite?? Syura! Yeay! i finally get to meet her live and in-person! She's awesome and not to mention absolutely gorgeous. Rafique was there too. Whoa! He's a hunk. I'm jealous syura. I'm actually amazed that syura could actually recognise me. She was the one who called out. I salute her for that. Utter bravery. What if it wasn't me?

We had our after-party at Hakim's. Went home at 7ish in the mornin.. Really knocked ourselves silly. Really looking forward to another Sluts Outing! Sheena luurves y'all. A toast to all Sluts.

sheena the lola


Felicia F. Ramzi said...

7ish?? whoa it definitely was a blast! U met both of them? I only know Rafiq, cause we went to the same Uni and sometimes do hang out together in groups. Altho i have not met Syura, no doubt she has found herself a good quality guy! opss, tak ley puji lebey2, merajuk my cinta later..te he he!

p/s: Rafiq, if u read this, hutang minum kat Old Town sebab dah puji u..

Sheena Saini said...


ps: rafiq, if u read this, u owe me a flaming for posting it here!

pps: syura, u definotely are gorgeous!!!

sheena the lola

Rozella said...

You got to meet them? That's so cool! I haven't seen them in ages!

Ratu Syura said...

omg! i had no idea you blogged about meeting us! yeah, it was great meeting you!! finally! and of course i'd recognize u. i have this thing with faces. i senang ingat. and your face is definitely recognizable. :D

rafiq would be so delighted you guys are talking abt him. sheesh! LOL! nanti dia belanja la tuu.. :P

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