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Thursday, 15 January 2009

American Idol Season 8; Phoenix, Arizona

I was fixed in front of the telly today. Up really early despite the late night outing. I missed last night's 1st episode of the A.I.8 auditions and is making up for it today. I was excited to learn about the new addition to the judges' panel; Kara DioGuardi.

At first sight, Kara doesn't look like she's even qualified to stand alongside Randy, Paula and Simon, but after learning more about her on the net and what was shown, i guarantee, her presence will make this years A.I. a much better one. A women with a strong passion for music has been in this business for many years, writing chart-topping songs for Ashlee Simpson and Pink among many others. It's also great to know that she has more spunk compared to the "owh-so-sweet-and-beautiful" Paula. She's tough and has a little bit of Simon in her. That's cool!

Season 8 kicked off in Phoenix, Arizona. Well, the crowd at the auditions is expected. But the talents are awesome! I actually loved the 16 yr-old songstress who sang "At Last". Can't remember her name, but ooooh... her voice is just tantalizing.

Who can forget the Bikini Barbie who wanted to make-out with Ryan. Owgh! She made it look like its a Playmate audition. And.... oooo... she even has the nerve to say that she sings better than Kara. sheesh. I pray she won't make it through 1st week in Hollywood. And ehem ehem! Is flirting with the host even allowed??! FOX! Do something about it already!!

Another worth mention is the blind pianist. He is just an inspiration. A college graduate and an all-round achiever. Awww...

Shucks! GTG!! American Idol will be on in 5! MUAAXS!!

sheena the lola

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