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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Earth Hour - Malaysia 28th March 2009

At precisely 8.30pm local time, Malaysia was engulfed in darkness. It was not caused by a major electricity blackout but due to humanity and the fight for global preservation. Thousands participated in the "Swith Off" campaign. I was proud to say i did my part too. It was nice to know that people around the world are uniting for a good cause.

Some question the effectiveness of the 60 minutes in the fight against global warming. Would 60 minutes be enough? Hey, let's put it this way.. Yes, 670 minutes may not change the world entirely or totally rid global warming, but just picture this; 60 minutes combined by the millions of households and major establishments all over the world, it does make a change. Though the change may be little, it does have effect.

Mother Nature must be smiling last night. Proud of what her children are doing. And to those who had participated, 2 thumbs up guys!

sheena the lola

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