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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sheena has not changed. Really.

2009. Numerologists have said that 2009 is a powerful year. The year of completion. I took a step back to see what this means. What will 'completion" do to me? What effect will it have in Shereena Saini? Will it change me?

For one certainty, 2009 brings many new things in my life. The decision was made for me to further my studies though half-heartedly at first, i'm now a full-time student. No longer working and earning is a little difficult for me to bear. Sigh... Who choses allowances over paychecks huh? Double sigh is the fact that allowance is a quarter of my last paycheck. Student life is not as fun as it used to be. Being the eldest in class (they even have a name for it "matured" students) is not fun. We don't laugh about the same things anymore, we think a little differently. We see things from different angles too. I have to push all that aside now. A little pain to endure to make it through the 3 years in ease.

Owh.. pssst. I'm attached now. Heheheee.. Who? Let's call him Mr X for now. Mr X is a friend of my bestfwen. How we met? That'll be a new post all in all.. For now, just know that Mr X makes Sheena really happy. winks.

Life is kinda going Sheena's way huh? Kinda, but i'm really missing my friends. Namely: Julie, Hakim, Roshen, Ajiq, Nyer, Zam and some others.. Just know i'm not running away from you guys ya. Just trying to sort things out and getting used to the new hap-penings in my life period.

sheena the lola

1 comment:

LoRdSkaRn said...

hey hey hey back to studies ar.. well enjoy mate!

lame x hangout kan.. sgt bz :(
u take care n do continue to be happy!

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