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Monday, 18 January 2010

Pre-loved? For all that's worth..

A term that's rather new in the fashion diaries, "pre-loved apparels" was concocted out of the love of everything beautiful and retro.

In our best attempt to be looked upon for our fashion uniqueness, creativity and style sense ; more often than not, we'll end up rummaging mum's old dressing chest. Tiger tights or culottes or floral print dresses that was once stored and kept in boxes marked "80s" or "unused" are now regarded as treasures and high fashion. Haute couture... they say.

In the world of fashion, especially in this date and era. Everything of the past years are relived. Those leather jackets made popular by John Travolta in "Grease", the leaggings and oversized tees from the disastrous 80s has made their way blodly into today's fashion scene. The older the article, the better.

Today, everywhere you go, everything you see, reminds you somewhat of the yesteryear. I recall the days when Frogskin shades from Oakleys were must-haves and one would not be caught dead without them. I had 3; one in green with the reflective gold tinted lens; black opaque frames with the yellow tinted lens and also the purple one. Would i have known that it would be a trend today, i would have kept it safe. pffft. Originality? Nada.

Speaking of which, i myself am guilty of owning pre-loved items. Here in Malaysia, pre-loved clothes and apparels are not something new. Only the term is. I reckon most of you are familiar with the term "baju bundle". FYI, its the same. Only "pre-loved" sounds better.

So there you have it. Pre-loved, pre-owned, bundle, second hand. All the best at the very less. Browse through my "le monde de la mode" section for the best of pre-loved fashion.

Don't mind my french; i'm just jabbing away thoughts.

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