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Friday, 19 February 2010

I'm counting the days to the big day..

Alhamdullilah.. I'm now the fiance to mister marzuki mohd suri. I have not started a thing for the wedding. Well.. Its in December. So i don't think i should rush too early. What i really need now is the list of things to do and get the MAJOR issues sorted out first.

1. Kursus Kahwin
2. Baju Nikah
3. Baju Persalinan (reception)
4. Guest List

Now, for that 2nd item on the list, which is my baju nikah. I see a major problem arising. 1st, the kain that was bought was 2 meters. I intended to do a short kebaya. Now as i sit down and think it over, can short kebaya be worn for Akad Nikah ceremony? Shouldn't i wear something long and covering or decent? I'm dead meat. Now where do i get the extra kain?? Kat kedai kain tu dah habis stock!!

So then come the 2nd issue. I kene pakai tudung ker tak? Ikut mama tak payah pun takpe, but what about TokSu? Aduhai....

sheena the lola

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wahh sexcitednya saya baca wedding preparations kakciK!!!

alah.. baju kebaya pndek pon xpe kan. tapi kain jgnla ketat sgt.. nnt x selesa bile nk bersimpuh kan?

kalo nikah kt rumah. xpakai tudung pn xpe kan? neways.. mama kata xyah pon xpe.. so its ok lah. just wear a selendang or sumthing


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