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Saturday, 20 February 2010

My very beautiful hantaran cake..

My hantaran kek was recommended by my friend Black, who's a chef. He wanted to to select the type of cake from M.A.C. I did so expecting to find the typical wedding cakes available everywhere.. tapi terkejut gak biler tengok kek-kek kat situ!

Giler shanteek! I couldn't make up my mind and spent my time oogling (or rather drooling) over those pretty, pretty cakes. It was either the flowery fondant or the tiffany. Then it was the pillow. Then i changed my mind again and selected the mini cakes. hehehee... My fickle ol' mind just cant decide. What can a girl do?

Finally, i did what i assume others would do in such a situation. I folded tiny pieces of paper each bearing a name/type of cake; bogggled it and pick. Random-ness! I was happy with the pick. It was the lovely pillow with choc fudge cake. Now mister marzuki can decide what to do with it after. To eat or to sleep on it, to cut or to just stare. haahahahaa..!

The cake arrived the day before the event. We deicided that the cakes just too pretty as it is and should stay as it is.

On the event day, i was all smiles seeing smiles and hearing
the "ooohs" and "aaaahs".

Thank you mister Zul Azzeriq for the recommendation and a standing ovature for M.A.C for the lovely, pretty, delicious cake.

sheena the lola

note to self: save up for the wedding cake
thinking: Mad About Cake

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