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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Bridal Photography & Videography

Capturing moments are tres importante! Sangat rugi if every detail was painstakingly done and the pictures appears just "owh-kay-lah....". Betul tak?

Was browsing around the internet for good wedding photographers and came across a few that really caught my attention. Again, you get what you pay for and their prices are *now breath....* OFF THE ROOF! But again, you get what you pay for... *sigh*

pssst: takde ke orang yang kesian kat aku and willing to give a special rate for the same services? *hoping* *begging*

The ones that moi likey like:

- Janggut Touch -
- Manggis -
- Kid Chan -
- Grant Corban Photography -
- Adan Wedding Photography -

I'll have to go!! Continue tomorrow... In the meantime, please please click on Janggut Touch's linkie!! It bring tears.. Beautiful. Just beautiful...

sheena the lola

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