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Monday, 22 March 2010

Of Dresses and Gowns and Smiles and Frowns

Yesterday was one hell of a Sunday. Woke up kinda late and got myself ready to attend Efy's wedding. Was in a rush, thinking that i was late and to make matters worse, my corset was nowhere to be found! pffft!

The slip I wore was so horrible that i winched at the sight of me. Owh well.. Other days could have been better. As moi truly was driving out of the condo compound, i saw the most horrendous thing i would wanna see first thing in the morning! I saw a friggin huge, deep dent on my car's bonnet! Arrgh!! Its so deep that the side of my car bended a little. There was nothing i could do so i left. Hurling swears and cursing under my breath.

As I step into the hall, I was awestriken by the beautiful arrangements, the super magnificent dias and the awesome-ness of it all. It was icing on cake when Efy and Joko walked down the aisle. So sweet.. Yesterday, i saw the most beautiful bride.. I cried..

After the reception, we went back to my parentss. I started babbling on and on and on about the wedding i just attended and i think that got on their nerves. I just couldn't remember which part of the conversation had lead to an argument and became the catalyst to world war 17 (i think it could have been more. Who knows?).

It just became too much for me and i left with kiki. He, not to my surprise, was not on my side and tellig me off that i was just plain rude and should know when to shut up. Okay.. If the parents wasn't enough, he had to start. Owh he had to... *rolling eyes*

Now embrace this. In a nutshell, I nearly broke off the engagement.

Okay.. Keyword: NEARLY.

After all dust and ashes rests, we went back tired, eyes swollen from all the crying and head spinning from hunger. What drama. But it doesn't end there.

Mama gave me a few facial lotions for my skin. She got then from the skin clinic and thought it would work on me. 4.30am, woke up with a terrible rash on my face. Now, its all swollen and red and burning. Allergic reaction!

Now tell me, was your day any worse?

sheena the lola

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