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Monday, 29 March 2010

Running away for just two days...

It was a weekend free from anything wedding. Ahh... It was a really nice change. To relax instead of feeling down due to some "unforseen" events, or to cry over forced decisions or even coming to a decision.

I was in the office till 3pm on Saturday and we went straight back to Shah Alam after. It was wishy-washy day as I toiled over 2 full loads of laundry. heehehe.. Went to ICT expecting some event there, but to my dismay, lights were on FULL FORCE during Earth Hour. Shame shame..

Headed back home after, watched TV and napped. Woke up swearing and cursing the heat. Then i realised that there was a blackout to the whole area.. How's that for Earth Hour??

The night was just chilling with the guys and Man U's match. What a game! The first own goal was uncalled for, but their mistake is our gain.. Good game boys!

And the reds go MarcHiNG OooOOON!

Sunday came and left. Lazy lazy sunday... So that was it! My relaxed weekend. Cherising every second of it. It will be a long time before i'll get to do this again..

sheena the lola

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