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Monday, 8 March 2010

Teen Missing

Another teenage girl was reported missing by her family. Anyone with information on her whereabouts or have seen her around, please contact the numbers provided.

Click here for information.

I'm just about had it with kidnappings that's been taking place lately. It's just downright scary to think its not save to be anywhere by yourself. So what does a girl need to do to be independent? But then again, some of these cases, it ends up that no foul play was done. The girl just "runs off" to be with her beau.. Pfffft. For those even thinking about this, please don't.. Do you know that you'll just end up with truckloads of regrets??!

sheena the lola

ps: I'm just here to do my bit for the community.. Hope she's all well and be reunited with the family soon..

pps: let's pray that our sisters/ friends / cousins etc. don't ever have to resort to running away from home... amin..

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