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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Wdding Door Gifts

Doorgifts and favours now come in all shapes, forms and sizes. There's the traditional boiled egg packed into paper boxes (now what does this actually signify..?), the candies in mini drawstring pouches, cupcakes that are too beautifully and skillfully crafted that they just look too good to be eaten, and the list just goes on..

In the middle of trying to be different from others, we more often then not forget the meaning to those gifts. Personally, the gift should actually be something that in a way is a saying of "Thanks" to the guests that attended ypour wedding. It should actually mean something shouldn't it?

Recently, my brother attended a wedding of a friend of his. The bride and grooms' way of portraying their being grateful is in a form of a mini tafsir Al-Quran.. Not the softcover kind but the one with embossed silver hardcover book. Something that when someone opens to actually read and pray with it, brings pahala to the givers... wow.. the significance of it all..

amin.. to Angah and his bride.. You did good.. Bless you..

sheena the lola

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