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Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I bought a BlackBerry (Curve 8520) on impulse today. Actually not really impulse lah... hehehheee.. just something to treat myself to after quite a stressful month following the engagement, work and s@%t..

I swear... All i actually wanted to do was to pay the bills and then to ask (hmm.. one eyebrow raised) about their BB packages. I ended getting one for myself. Okay. Now, what do i o with it? The lady manning the counter didn't even help synchronize it for me! It was "Okay, here's the phone.. Blaa blaa blaa" "Err.. Cammaner saye nak configure the setups for the applications and all?" "Awak online, pastu awak connect, pastu ikut directions dier. If dier suruh insert email id and password, awak type yg betul tau. Jangan plak type lain."

Errgh! What service..!

Well, kiasu-ism got the better of me and i managed to install everything in a matter of an hour! All by meself.. eks, with a little help here and there. Hahahah! Thanks IREENA OOI.

sheena the lola

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