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Monday, 26 April 2010

His reception now has a dias ;)

We booked the wedding package for his side over the weekend. There were not many to choose from at the Malay Wedding Expo, we settled for a package from Davency Wedding Ideas. The choice wasn’t actually a “love-it-at-first-sight” thing, but we were out of choice and time. Theirs fitted perfectly into our budget.

Browsed through album upon album of their collection and unanimously agreed that their offer was the best. It’s now a matter of choosing the exact colour and decorations for the dais and outfits. Silver, greys and anything to that particular shade would be my safest bet for now. Given that the colour theme for the reception on my side is gold. But that is to no hurry. We could do the selection in August when more outfits are added to the collection.

My jaw dropped and as i did a "HUH?" at the price they offered for tailoring services. It's RM480 for both bride + groom. Cheap huh? Not jumping yet, i asked them about the designing. They said that i could bring a design of choice (a rip-off off bridal mags or my very own creation) and they would duplicate. Again.. still not convinced, i know there's a catch to this there always is a catch), i asked them about beadings. Hah!

"RM480 tu termasuk beading lah dik. Upah jahit and beading skali..."


Called mama straight after. Asked her what she thinks if i were to take my fabrics from the previous tailor and have it done there. Without a doubt, she said "Better kakak call dier cepat. No, better still, kakak call dier skarang before they start to cut the fabric."

Insead of calling, we headed straight to the boutique. Lady luck be on my side when i got there, the designer wasnt in. I was so afraid that they wouldn't allow me to cancel by giving a thousand and one excuses, but that wasn't the case. Kak Shana actually understood my grievances. So all that was done! Now, i have the fabrics with me and will most prolly be hading to the tailor by next week.

Alas, another strike off the list. Another smiley added.


sheena the lola


~aina~ said...

murah giler2 kali 100!!! how's their tailoring workmanship, ok tak?

ohhhh yr side is gold theme.. nice! :)

Sheena Saini said...

Aina, the workmanship's owhkay, can't complain and not jawdropping. The wow-factor effect aint the same as those in the higher price range..

Ps: colour of choice wasn't gold. Mum wanted that colour & made the whole planning of theme around it. :( tapi kan, have to just agree lah (its her wedding, not mine..) Sobs

~aina~ said...

hmmm biasa la tu.. i think almost all bride2be faces/faced this.. even tho our mum says its yr wedding, but in reality, u fill in the blanks.. :)

wat colour did u initially wanted?

Sheena Saini said...

The silver/grey with shades of blue was actually the one I want. Nasib lah kiki's seeing this n let's me choose the colour theme for his recep. N the rests of it, he tries his very best to accomodate. Hmm..

~aina~ said...

:) ok la tu..

yr side's prep semua ok da? make up? pelamin? hantaran decor? cake?

bestnya, rasa mcm nk kawin lg jer.. hahaha!

Sheena Saini said...

Oi Aina!! Bad thought! Bad thought!!

Preps ok. Byk gak dh nak settle. I got Black (if u remember him) to bake me a special nice nice one. He did my engagement cake.
Baju as u knw, needs to be sent to e tailr real soon. Doorgifts, done. Pelamin done. Ape lagik ek. Keep reading.. Updates will be posted as the days go on.. ;_

~aina~ said...

nk kawin dgn ajoy gak la.. but another wedding.. u know, like some ppl hv 4-5-6 wedding events berturut2? hihihi..

black? u mean bdk batch u black ke?

make up? :)

Sheena Saini said...

No no.. Not my batch. He's one year ajoy's senior. Ur age I think, coz he's a year older then me. Hmmm.. The one that used to b a skinhead. Kenal tak..? My make-up's booked. Darzian's doing it. She's our junior.. :)

~aina~ said...

aik.. u bukan ajoy's age ke? m confused now.. hehe.. tak sure if d black i know is d same black u're talking about..

mollyjinxed said...

so cheap kah!!
seronok reading through ur preparations!!

ngeeee x sabar nih

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