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Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Have you seen Betseyville's totes and purses?? They are ABSOLUTELY cute! The colours may be off to those who shy away from neons and a mix match, but it calls out FAH-SHION! Mostly worn by the street savy "hollywood-mix", its a must have for the month. I actually am suddenly craaaaving for a taste of Betsey. 

I'm thinking of doing a theme for next months great shopping. I'm thinking totes and purses. Then the next month,  everything watches. Then the month following the watches would be reserved for tee-shirts. What say you???

I'm painstakingly trying my ultra best at scraping these chaffed jaws off the desk. These are some of what made it even harder. pffft!

nice nice nice??!

sheena the lola

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