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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Psst.. Lets go shopping!

I'm quite the shopper as most of you are aware of. With all the wedding preps and what-nots, i was well notified and warned by mama to restrict shopping for now (ekekeee.. its actually after the third maxed-out credit card *blush*). But me being me, i can never find that one shoe to match that one bag. Never the right colour nor the perfect shade.

With the wedding dates drawing to a mere 6 months (owh shucks! that fast?!), moi truly asked me the ultimate question...

"Sayangku, kite lom shopping lagi barang-barang hantaran. This weekend kite gi shopping nak tak? Leh gak pi tengok sale kat Tangs tu.

"YES! Lets jom!"

I ended up buying only the make-up set from Stage and work shoes. Wanted a bag, but couldn't find anything that tickles my fancy. Those that i was actually attracted to, were waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off my budget. So that shall wait. 

Now, the things that i actually have bought for the hantaran are:

For Him:
  1. Ring
  2. Shoes
  3. Wallet 
  4. Belt
  5. Watch
  6. Perfume set
  7. Al-Quran & box-type rehal
For Me:
  1. Ring
  2. Perfume set
  3. Make-up set
See that i have not got myself a bag and watch yet? Yes.. So more reason to shop! But alas... I am to shop on a tight budget. Ireena recommended a few online blog shoppers. Whuh? I never knew they existed, so no harm done, i browse through.. 

Needless to say, i'm now so addicted to this (window shopping applies here?) as i was addicted to physical shopping. And best yet, it soothes me from my no-shopping-withdrawal-syndrome. So there is still hope. Mum and him doesn't have to know about this. Hahahhahahaaa.. Planning on taking shopping away from me? Now try.

Not trying to the biatche that i am, mum had to show-off her latest LV to me. Doing it on purpose? Maybe. Owh mama.. U can rub it in all you want, u have all the moolahs rite? I'll borrow it from you next week ya? 

Okay okay. I have to share a link with you thats so bloody blog worthy that its a sin to have kept from myself.   Found it by chance last coupla days while looking at the links given by Ireena. 

Responses were very prompt on any queries. Customers becoming friends.. Hmmm... That's a plus for me. Give it a try already! 

sheena the lola

psst: i have strayed

1 comment:

Nek Rock said...

Oppppsss yooo Sheena dear cakkk,

TQ TQ for putting up Nek's link here, really appreciate it

It's nice to know you, do drop by pot pet at Nek's cbox anytime yaa, muahhh

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