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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Click Click Sheena Click Click

hehee.. You know how long i've been bugging him about getting a new camera. I'm so getting one today! Yepp-paa! Owh... which camera you ask? No no no.. its not the Olympus Pen that i am so dying, craving and lusting for.. still an Olympus nontheless, but a way cheaper version. 

The one im getting is shockproof, freeze proof, crush proof and the plus of it all, WATERPROOF! Being the klutz that i am, he thinks thats the ULTIMATE BEST for me. Like it was literally made for me. pppppft! Hey. I resent that. 

*diff links on each CLICK

Wokeyh. Will be picking this candy from the seller lunchtime today. I hope it's as good as its said and claimed to be. Dang! Forgot to tell you that i got it off mudah.my (thus the icon on the picca) for rm830. Seller said it priced low as its a display unit. Everything included in the offered price. Hmm.. we shall see. What are you waiting for?? Just click CLICK click already!!

sheena the lola

updates as of 3.05pm:
The seller brought the wrong model! Dah lah kene jalan kaki, terik giler plak tu!! Aish! Now i have to collect it later at Shah Alam pulak! Nasib baik kat shah alam, bukan Banting ke, ceruk mane mane ke.. tsk! tsk!

updates as of 2nd August:
Some piccas i snapped with this toy (don't mind me, sorry, the quality is bad as i've not gotten familiar with the functions and all) so bear the eye-sore ya.

UNDERWATER SHOTS!! bluurp bloop

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