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Friday, 30 July 2010

Its tough being kittens and easy being idiots

What in the world??! i know that to some of you, cats are just what they are. Cats. Why can't you see that those are lives too. They must be treated nice and be loved and be taken care of. Be responsible! Leaving unwanted newborn kittens without their mother is so so WRONG! 

Dosa tau tak! Macam maner diorang nak survive?? Tak kesian ke korang tengok baby kittens tu merengek nk susu, kesejukan. Mate diorang pun tak bukak lagik! KEJAM LAH

Please please neuter / spay your pets if you have no intention in caring for their newborns. They can't think for themselves, they don't know they will get pregnant by humping. Thats why they are called pets. Please be humane, not just humans. Its not that we are depriving them of their natural course, but seeing strays dying of hunger or becoming road-kill is even worse. Lets just control and reduce the number of strays by starting with our own pets. Its heart-wrenching lah seeing them like that.. 

And those yang memula suka kucing tu, then tetiba rase cam kucing tu membebankan or for whatever reason takleh nak bela lagik, tolonglah bagi kat sesiape yg sayang kucing, n yang leh jage dier bebaik.. Tak pun, call SPCA. Jgn lah letak je merate2 tempat.. Diorang dah biase ade rumah, ader org bagi makan, then tetiba je kene hidup sendiri.. Ish.. The thought is just horrible..

To angels Atyn, Aspa & Rauuf:
Thank you sanggup jage babies ni. Atyn & Aspa, i wish you all the best in raising them ;) No worries, they'll grow and give you their UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! More than any human could.. May Allah bless your hearts. Kiss those munchkins fer me ya..

Rauuf: Ko mmg dah terer jage baby kitties.. So jage yg ni gak bebaik cam yg lelain ek.

sheena the lola

psst.. i'll update piccas frm Atyn soon...

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