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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Baking Brownies and losing the kilos

I'm now super super bz in the kitch baking brownie orders! Baking actually relaxes the mind and gives me a little me-time that i so desperately need now. Not that i don't have any left, but the pre-wedding chaos is just over whelming at times. 

Funny it is, now that i have my me-time, my mind actually wanders off to the wedding. hahahaaha. And i thought that i was running away from it for awhile.. Guess not. So, first i started thinking about the wedding dresses that i saw, how beautiful they look and then i envisioned myself in it. OMG! I so do not look good! Not with all the access baggage i'm carrying. Owh sheesh.. Then out of nowhere, i began to cry.. Just felt bad for looking like now and getting to a point that i can't even bear to look at myself in the mirror.

I decided there and then that i have to do something about it; and PRONTO! So changes into my tights and oversized tee, got my earpiece and headed downstairs. I started walking. The first round was horrible. I was too self-conscious that i nearly gave-up. But after the second, i slowly picked up my pace. And without even realising it, i was at my fifth round. For those of you who have been to my place, you'll know that the condo compound is super huge! I stopped at six.

Headed up, cleared the mess around the living room a little and showered. I felt good about myself. Hopefully, now, this will be included part of my daily exercise regimen in the bid to lose the kegs before the wedding. Go Sheena!

sheena the fat lola

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