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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Doorgifts - Part II

Yeay! i finally get to give away the doorgift of my choice! Surah Yasin.. Alhamdullilah. This was actually the planned item way before we started planning on anything else, but due to cost constraints, we decided not to.

Was chatting away with Ima (kiki's cuz, who also happens to be a b2b), when she told me about this site. Well... Its not the hardcover one that i liked, but this substitutes just nicely. And to know that i could actually include our names and also the majlis on the cover is just super marvelous.

Without giving it a second thought, i text-ed mama telling her bout this. Her answer, "Ok.." Yess!! Sooo.. apa lagi, i quickly filled in the form for quotation. I just can't wait!!

Since we will be giving the Yasin out during BOTH majlis akad nikah and bersanding, i couldn't quite agree on which colour to choose from. I ended with White Metallic card with Green Metallic hot stamping. It goes well with the theme colour and also our wedding invites.. 

Thanks Ima for the recommendation ;)

sheena the lola

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