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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Kad Raye Pertamaku untuk tahun 2010!! hmmph!

With the rapid development of technology, we are seeing less and less of slow mail these days. Almost all messages and greetings are either relayed through emails or just by SMS and MMS. 

I so long for those days where we would receive cards from friends and families wishing us with good luck and all. Hanging them up on the wall for the guests to see is also a must-do every raya! Lesser cards, lesser wall stick-ons. Only the virtual wall on FB seems to be covered.. pfft.

Reasons for not sending out greeting cards the traditional way:
1. Save duit
2. no time to go to post office (lame)
3. Save time. Card slalu sampai lambat. SMS,email ngan MMS leh mass forward trus!
4. tak tau address seme member2

Yesterday, i received my FIRST RAYE CARD! I was actually beaming!! YESS! FINALLY!!! Pathetic? I know.. hehheehehee.. The card is uber cute! Not traditional in any way.. hehheheeehe. THANK YOU!

kad frm staff2 kat Silk Street..

sheena the lola

ps: i'm guilty as charged for giving those lame excuses too.. *blush*

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