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Monday, 6 September 2010

The Shawl.. Sheena Berjinak2..

I think i have made a life altering change today and i so hope it will last. It has been persisting me since last year, but there were just to many "what-if"s. Nak sgt dah setahun dah unsure.. But Mr Him did say something that convinced me that it should not wait.. 

"If dah sampai, baik buat.. If tangguh-tangguh lagi, takut nanti pasni dah takde dah. And maybe tak dapat lagi chance macam ni.."

Bende baik tak elok di tangguh2.. Alhamdullilah.. Thank you Allah for giving me this chance.. The move is best if not drastic, so today, i started to wear the scarf.. Just the sling over the shoulders.. Takut if i go drastic, then suddenly tetiba rase tak boleh.. So i'll go slow.. 


One baby step at a time.. U with me..?

sheena the lola

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