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Friday, 8 October 2010

Wedding Things Back on Track

I've gotta admit its been one heck of a hectic month for us. With Ramadhan and Hari Raya.. Phew~ Sad but glad its over. Now i can concentrate on what was put to pause. The wedding..

Last month, i had this weird weird dream (hey, if you know me, my dreams usually come true. Those i sleep on lah). It was THE day. Solemnization. House was chaotic and abuzz with the cousins and aunts and grandmas in a frenzy. Reason being, groom isn't there, my akad nikah baju is not ready, mak andam not there (miscommunication). In short - D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R.

Between all that frenzy, i called Kiki. 

"Saya dah sampai ni. Saya ngan ibu semua kat bangku."
"Nape tak masuk??
"Baju takde macam mane nak masuk??!"

Owh DAMN! I don't know how, but we ended borrowing the akad nikah attires from a fren. Which friend, i can't recall. 

Scary huh? I related this dream to mama and she just smiled at me. I guess she understood how i'm so afraid everything will turn out as the dream. She knew i was panicking. 

"Kak, just go there this month.. Although they said to go there end of the month, just go there a little earlier.. About the make-up, don't say anything to her. Just ask what's included in the package that we paid for. If she said no make-up, then we'll have to go with Darzian.

I want it so bad to be Darzian.

Last night, after much prolonged procrastination, i packed 2 of my fabrics and sent them off to the tailor. Got my measurements done and told her i NEED IT TO BE READY BY END NOVEMBER!!

She actually grimaced and smirked at the thought. Especially for the full beaded chiffon that ayah got me. But she acknowledge the date and promised. :) I'll keep praying she'll get it done on time and nice! Pray with me people.. Amin..

And i'm yet to buy my nikah shoes.

sheena the incorrigible lola



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