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Friday, 22 October 2010

when He commands

Kenapalah kita ni tau, tapi buat2 tak tau? Kenapalah kite ni degil? Yesterday, my friend masuk was admitted pasal ader pendarahan dalam otak. Tak tau lagi full story dier, but what the brother told me is that pagi2 die masuk toilet nk mandi, then tetiba his left side rase numb. Thinking that it was nothing, they told him to rest it off. Then it came. He suddenly broke in sweats and fainted. 

The doctors did a scan on him and found a blood clot in the right side of the brain; hence the numbness in the left side of the body. He was then rushed to the operation room. It actually took quite awhile. Started at 7-ish pm and he was wheeled out only around 1-ish am. Lame kan? We did not get to see him pasal straight after, he was placed in ICU. So today after werk, im planning on dropping by for a visit.

He was always the strongest and healthiest amongst us. Always the cheerful one. U see, we are close. Its a little sad and also almost a wake up call when this happens. Subhanallah.. 

Tak banyak, but sikit pun it actually reminds me of Allah SWT's power and force.. A reminder that we are mere mortals, but here to be tested on our faith. 

"Ya Allah, ringankanlah beban kawanku, Mohamad Habibullah.. Sesunguhnya Kau Maha Mengasihi.

sheena saini

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