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Monday, 1 November 2010

Baju Sanding - BOOKED!

Alhamdulillah.. Although i was hit with food poisoning and was literally unable to do shit, i did manage to do a raincheck on the wedding planner.

Baju sanding dah booked!! Yes!!! One more strike off the list! Taknak lah btaw the details of the baju.. Nanti tak surprise.. So, just so u know, it's a long dress and its gold. *winks*

Not exactly my first choice, tp for our theme colour, baju tak banyak choice dah.. Dahlah tgh tak sedap badan, so amik jelah yg tu. Skang ni tgh pikir, nak pakai full tudung ke just a scarf? Mama kate, the wedding is the perfect start to be wearing the full tudung, tapi....

So, i think i'll decide when the time comes.. 

psst.. Kite tak suke lah wazira tu.. die cam malas nak layan je. ish. tapi mama kate die layan mama okay je. Mama suke je. Pilih bulu arr die tu kan? Seyes, cara die pandang, care die cakap.. 

sheena the incorrigible lola

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