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Tuesday, 30 November 2010


mmkay.. now here goes. Since i started my diet and healthy eating, i've lost a total of 3.5kg! whoa! now. my baju tak muat and all has to be altered to the new me.

The new batch of kad jemputan did not turn out as nice and as it was suppose to be (like the first one)! Boo boos:

1. Card material WRONG
2. Colour WRONG
3. Name should be hot stamping but ended up NORMAL PRINT

hati sedih giler ble tgk kad tu.. Nangis bagai nk rak pun tak leh nak wat ape dah.. If nk return, x sempat lah nampak nyer.. Sedih sangat, Allah saje yg tahu..

Surah Yasin tak tau ape jadi nyer. Senyap je si Habib. Sakit hati ni. Tapi if takde nak buat macam mane kan.. Redha je lah.. Double sedih..

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