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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Diet - Day4

Didn't know what else to cook! And its only day 3! Woke up late today, so skipped breakfast and had brunch instead.. We decided to go to Village Grocer coz they had more veggies and those organic stuffs. We decided to walk there instead of driving.. hehee.. A 2-in-1 effort. Got bananas, some greens and boneless, nude chick breasts. By the tme we got home, tummy was rumbling. Marinated the chcicken and prepared for pan grilling.. Readied the greens and zass.... Here was the outcome..

Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast
Stir fried French beans, Buttercup Lettuce, Kailan & Su-un
1 Banana

*sprinkled with ground flaxseed


Grilled Chicken Slices and boiled egg white Salad
*salad tossed in virgin olive oil, ground black pepper  ground flaxseed & a small dollop of HP Smokey BBQ sauce

1 pc banana
sheena the very heavy lola

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