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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Just as sudden as He taketh, He gives back..

Remember my dear friend Habib who was admitted last coupla weeks due to brain aneurysm? Did a raincheck after a week of not visiting him in the hospital. Got to the hospital only to find out that he had been discharged. Alhamdullilah.. So we popped by his house instead. He was up (on wheelchair still though) and was all himself. The relief on his mum's face was vividly evident as she chattered away explaining to me the usage and effectiveness of every single medication.

"Ni ubat ni elok.. Mari je ubat ni, makcik bagi habib makan 12 biji! Teruh lega dia.. Sheena ingat tak masa kat spital haghitu? Sakittt ja dia kan? Makan je ubat ni.. Teruh lega.."

"Ni haa Sheena kalo migraine kuat, minum kopi ni.. Elok ni.."

Heehe.. So cute.. Inilah kasih sayang seorang ibu.. 

It was hard looking at his somewhat deformed head. He kept rubbing on the huge bump and was telling me to feel its softness. Eeewww.. but i did. It was as soft as a pillow!! The skull on that particular spot has been removed prior to the surgery (see: Craniectomy) and will be attached back soon. Jeng.. jeng.. jeng.. So where is the skull fragment now? Drum-roll.... HIS STOMACH!

Habib and his alien bump

YES! The stomach. I was in disbelieve. Why the stomach? Knowing Habib and his antics, I just laughed it off. Mmkay.. stomach ya. Still in disbelieve, i BB-Googled "brain surgery skull in stomach". There were numerous results and hey! Guess what! There is actually such a procedure and storing the skull in the stomach is actually part of it. And they will re-attach it once the brain swelling has reduced and the doctors feel that its alright to patch him back up.

His paralysis isn't as bad as it was. Its better now. He can actually hook my fingers and boy it was strong! Yeay habib! His legs still the same though.. Well, rome wasn't built in a day. he still has physio to attend and we'll wait and see.. Chaiyok! Chaiyok! U can do it........

psst: Good news for me. Habib will make sure my customised Surah Yassin gets done!!! YES!!

Sheena the lola

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