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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Pelamin Traditional? Contemporary? Fusion?

Confusion confusion confusion! I so want the whole wedding to have that traditional feel to it. But since my baju is not so traditional, (i don't think its even near traditional) i think i have to re-shift and rethink the whole theme over again. 

But then again, the venue's so fit for a garden-themed wedding.. With it being at the lake and all.. Sigh.. 

Choices for the pelamin was... so-so, i think its the trend to have those columns and i have no choice but to have her get it done. I tried mix-matching it so that it'll not look like Kiki's, but hmm.. i actually can't envision what the outcome would be. So i'm just praying that it'll look good.

Then it got to the AV System part. I wanted see: Gamelan too, but again, cam lari je ngan theme. Erghh! Do i have to abide by the theme?? Can't it just be rojak?? Fusion is good right? A nice blend of traditional and modern. Heeheehe. I think that'll now be my new theme. Fusion. 

Again.. i know this isn't my choice, but there ain't no other way of getting around it. Its either them or them. 

sheena the incorrigible lola

psst.. He might have to cross the lake in a boat!

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