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Thursday, 27 January 2011

tired 4 nothing

We were hypped up and all revved for tomorrow's bazaar and was up early getting the stuffs ready. All was well until i was informed that the bazaar is canceled. What?? At the 11th hour?? U've gotta be kidding me! I've got tonnes planned out my announcement was loud!

And owh.. my heart goes out to him. For burning the midnight oil dismantling the racks, helping me pack and organising the stacks upon stacks of clothes. We got up early too this morning to get some extra skirt hangers for the booth. As usual, finding a parking spot was good time wasted.

I had all these cool ideas for the booth deco and even made some cool cool talk bobbles for the photo booth. Hoh damn! Pondered the whole time in front of the pc for a full 5 hours, only to be receive the bad news when i'm ready to go get the talk bobbles printed.

some of the talk bobbles i made:

i was so dying to have these printed out and pasted onto bamboo chopsticks for photo ops! nice huh? owh well.. Trying my best to secure another booth. 

sheena the retired lola

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