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Monday, 14 February 2011

The noises he makes is deafening

"An empty barrel makes the most noise" So true. I had in my life had the mis-oppotunity (unfortunately) to meet a few. Met this fella last week who wears the drum on his belly. Shall not name names here, but i guess u'll figure out who he is once i'm done with this post. The meeting was actually for a booth rental at SunSuria Avenue / AsiaCafe Kota Damansara Street Bazaar. 

I was all glad to know that the big boss (thru his call card) had actually took time off from his hectic schedule to meet up with each and every vendor. Halfway through the 'meeting', i was feeling something was just not right. These are my reasons for saying so:

1. The way he was so gung-ho and revved up about his FUTURE plans 
2. Straying off topic
3. Giving motivational life-lesson talks to someone he just met
4. Boasting about his advertising experiences in 4a's agencies
5. Wanting to make me a CEO of one of his firms? (hahaaha. what a laugh)
6. Again, straying off topic

Casually, i asked him what was his promotional efforts for the bazaar (my main reason for meeting him in the first place, the rest is actually non of my concern). He was kinda loud on the answer, and seems a little boastful and defensive. "I am planning on a re-launch you know! I am already in talks with some major developers on getting billboards up everywhere already." Mmmkay.. That's great. That's later. So what about now? "What are you doing now to get people to come to the bazaar?" "Wah! Add me on facebook laa. I'll approve you don't worry. I have all the promotional flyers and posters up and announcements for the bazaar. You can see from there!" "Owh sweet! I'll do just that."

Then he goes on and on about his Masters in HR and his advertising capabilities. Talking some more on not wanting to make the bazaar like a Pasar Malam but more to the likes of Fremantle Market and London's Flea Markets. I get his vision and absolutely loving it. We are on the same page =)

Went home and was all psych-up on seeing the creative flyers and banners on his fb. Somethings just raised my doubts.

1. Found him on FB but his profile picture doesn't look anything near him. Not even close
2. NOT EVEN ONE ANNOUNCEMENT in regards to the bazaar
3. The flyers and posters does not look like it was done by a Creative Director (as he claimed he once was)
4. Not even a mention of the bazaar

These are the artworks. Do lemme know what u think pls..

This one looks like its done on Microsoft Words

Even for a simple banner, this is boring

Just look at the image. Is this an banner for a haunted house event? Hungry ghost festivals and Halloween have more interesting graphics. What a turn-off

hahaaaha! I couldn't believe what i was seeing! This from a man who says he handles super major accounts?! BS. And to think he was going BS-ing me with his previous jobs in 4a firms. Super stinky BS! Owh.. He also added and self complimented on his self-taught designing skills and had also been a designer in a firm. Hmm..

I myself is not design master, but i too had spent a fair share of years in the advertising world. How could you believe that those came frm a designer? Which firms uses those? I was in shock. Wanted to cancel the application, but hubs told me to give this weekend a try. See how its like, how the crowd is. Yes.. Maybe i'm a little too hasty on my judgment. So i came out with a simple poster for my own announcement (as below), took me a coupla hours to come up with this. Nothing fancy, but i can definitely say it was way creative. Designers? Advertisers? Do comment..

this was the one i did to announce on The Marketplace's FB & Blogshop

Traffic for the day
6.30pm - Wanie (a friend) dropped by 
7pm - No customers
7.45pm - not even a passerby
8.30pm - Shadeah came with Lokman just to visit me
9.00pm - Mama n ayah dropped by coz ayah wanted to watch the ManU match
10.00pm - 1 customer
10.30pm - 11pm - 2 diners dropped-by
11.45pm - Shop closed

Again, back to the earlier meeting, i did ask him about the number of booths already confirmed, and his answer, "We already have around 20 booths confirmed. So many people are also calling me asking me about booth availability, but i have to tell them it's on a first-come-first-served basis. We want to make it exclusive, don't want it to look like a pasar malam." Fair enough. 

And he goes on... "I did a survey on most of the bazaar already. i'm a very generous person. So generous that some even step on me! U know how much it costs to grab a booth in Curve?? And summore, hey even charge you for rain protectors!! Waa. U count and see how much profit they are making. If i was a person who thinks of making money, i can definitely do like that and just sit back and collect rent. No... i'm care for my vendors. i treat them well.. I provide them with so many things until they say that I'm just wasting money. I provide you with 10" x 10" tents, free rain protectors, free drinks and summore, i have incentives to customers and vendors. I also want to help my vendors.. U know, to help you guys get more people to come and buy from you. There are free drinks for customers who purchase more than RM35 frm a vendor, vendors also get freebies in the form of rental rebates or cash money if they can bring in more vendors. I also have special prizes for "Best-dressed booths"! Which other organizers do that? To go that extra mile like we do? If u have any problems, u don't have to worry. I have a boy and an organizer's booth allocated there too. U need anything, just go straight to the booth to get it fixed.

"But its the location.. Curve has got the numbers. U get what i mean?

Went around the other booths (there were only 6 booths open!) and i get the same reply "No promotion from organizers" "Crowd only for dinner, not for bazaar". Asked him again about promotion frm organizers. "I am already in discussion with developers to get a radio ad deal. But you know lah. All that is expensive. That's why i welcome if you vendors want to do your own posters/banners and ads to promote this bazaar." pfft. That's future plans. What about the Now plans? How u gonna take care of us now? U were so big on revolution and evolution and free advertising mediums. Please walk the talk. 

Yesterday, it began to rain while we were setting up booth. Stayed on and waited for the rain to stopped, but all decided that it was best to cancel and postpone to a later date. Maybe NOT for me. A'ah. Thank you. And to think he has the cheek to ask me for full month payment.

So there. Lesson achieved/ moral of the story: If it gets too noisy for you, just leave. Belief in your instincts.

sheena the retired lola


Anonymous said...

was there for 2 months plus....exactly the same lines used.

Sheena Saini said...

u paid for the full month? anyways, did i get the chance to meet u?

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