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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Braced n tightned. No loose mood.

Today's agenda: Dr Dentist. eeee. Apart frm the monthly womens' curse, this the day i dread most on the calender. Time to tighten the gates. 

this is me n the morning. see the closed eyes. Am barely awake. Haaha. I look horrid! 

Dr Lee Lee Ping. I guess she's the one to see if ur gates need straightening in Shah Alam. It seems that almost everyone i know who's gotten their gates fixed was done by her. Can't complain though, she's the warmest, nicest dentist i've met. Seriously, you should hear her greetings and u'd forget the pain even though u knw its just a facade.

Playing it cool while doc preps up. Was snapping snapping away..

Just the usual tools i'd expect. Nothing was out of the ordinary and i was out and about in less than half an hour. Quickly went for brunch as the pain was slowly creeping in.   

sheena the retired lola



Anonymous said...

hi sheena,u pasang 'pagar' (braces) ye?
dkt klinik mne tu,brpe charged?
cz,i igt nk psg jgk..tp tkut mahal:P

Sheena Saini said...

hehee.. yups. I did my pagar renovation 2 years ago. I guess this will be my last year with it. I pasang kat Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam. Dentist Khoo.

The initial cost je yg mahal. i had to pay around rm2500, then the balance will be paid with each visit. Means rm100/month. But that depends on how bad the condition of your choppers are in the first place.

mine berterabur, tapi tak jo, so byk lah keje die nak buat and i was born with extra teeth.

ade org yg jo, tp tak berterabut, so lesser things to construct lah. hence the cheaper costs..

;)hope this helps..

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