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Monday, 18 April 2011

Akedemi Fantasia 9 - What a bummer.

After all these years, i thought it would end. But to my dismay, it continues. To think that year after year, we viewers have gotta sit back and suffer watching the rising number of instant artistes in malaysia. It was a week back or sometime last month where a local paper did a spread feature on the AF9 contestants. Their biographies was something else! Non of which mention their previous gigs in music or entertainment, but all was about their sad, sad pathetic life. Maybe to gain viewer's sympathy votes?  

I remember reading about this chap (seriously can't remember which one) who is all about wanting to change the public's perception of pious dudes. Psst.. hello mister, wrong show. And another one who has to work to support her siblings. Is still a charity channel or sumthing? Astro's form of CSR (that's Corporate Social Responsibility for those who don't know) efforts?
And that pukat vote thingy, where they allow voters to vote by the numbers. So now its not about who is the best singer/entertainer wins anymore nor is it about who wins the popularity contest. Hey. Just have bloody rich friends and fans and u're sure to win. Just get them to pukat vote u.
I'm not against Astro making money off these instant artistes, but u've gotta draw the line. First, u see their faces daily (or izzit?) on the Diary show, then u see them on the concert show, then again on Astro festivals / concerts etc, then on Astro's drama's or sitcoms. The list just goes on..

I always tell myself that if i don't watch it, the rating would be a minus one and MAYBE that would be good enuff to get the show to be canceled (hardiharharhar.. what a joke sheena). I have not watched it for so long and yet its still there. Damn. Could AF9 be the last one? Please please please...

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