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Friday, 8 April 2011

American Idol - Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Week

I tweeted, fb-ed non-stop about this yesterday and i can't resist blogging about it! Rock&Roll Hall of Fame Week is the best week on American Idol! I think i did say that too about the Beatles week, but lemme retract that. Whats there not to love about CCR, MJ, Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, Janis (yes! THE janis!!)??! 

I was literally on my feet dancing and singing along and i so wish it'd be longer. Sigh.. But too but of a good thing is not not ya? Double, triple sigh...

Okay my reviews:

Jacob Lusk 
Man in The Mirror by Micheal Jackson

His power notes and his crooning style goes well with any song but my preference to this song is still MJ. A little twist with the hip thrusts shows Jacob may  not be so innocent after all. I don't quite grasp what he was trying to imply though? About if he goes home its not becoz i couldn't look at myself in the mirror?

Casey Abrams
Have You Ever Seen The Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Whoever doesn't know this song??! Its an all time favourite of me n my dad n my brothers! His arrangement and tempo to that song is magical. He is indeed a musical prodigy and like Randy said he brought coolness into bass. And he's a revolution. 'Nuff said. Hey hey now. It's Casey Abrams.

Haley Reinhart 
Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin

Ho yeahh!! Go Haley! Go Haley! Haley have never looked and sound this good! It goes to show how right Randy & Stevie is about her tone resemblance to Janis. She rocked the stage like nobody would expect her to. Hey Haley, please be rid of the RnB's and ballards.. They're just not u.

James Durban
While My Guitar Gently Weeps by George Harrison

I know he has Asberger & turrets, but im not quite a big fan of James, but this week, he really changed me. I converted. I actually weep with the guitar! Maybe its all the emotions that he poured into his performance. It was just so real.. Hoh damn! Good one James! But i still think that its unneccessary to pull a high note at the end of every song? Dude, we ALL know that u have a wild range, but sometimes, losing it is alright too.

Scotty McCreery
That's Alright by Elvis Presley

Its a known fact that Scotty's a huge huge fan of Elvis since he was still in his diapers. Rocking on stage to one of Elvis's would just come naturally for Scotty. I didn't really like the song but he did a WOW. The little tweens who actually jumped staged to hug him was super cute! Haahaha..
Maybe Idol should let him do a duet with that chick frm the previous Idol. The one that has gone so big winning grammys and selling million records. Hmm.. That'd be nice wouldn't it?

Paul, grrrrrr... Sexay!

The other three. Hmm.. I'm not so sure how i should rate them and thus i defer frm writing anything that would make me be sorry. Heehe. Now i just can't wait for the results tonight! Who shall it be?

Sheena the retired lola

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