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Monday, 25 April 2011

Genting - Malaysia's Wonderland - Happy Smiling People

Genting Highland. A name synonym with fun in Malaysia. A unique theme park that sits on the hills of Pahang, Malaysia. With both indoor and outdoor theme park, a super casino (it should be, though i've not been in there!) that's really a pride of Malaysia, Genting Highland Resort World is truly a place for all ages.

We had a short family vacay over the weekend. It was a rough ride up though, with the car giving us problems and needed instant fixing and all. We reached the apartment a little later then planned. The weather was alright. Not too cold, which apparently made me regretted the black jacket i wore. We arrived at the apartment all hungry and tired. Had the needed rest and filled ur growling tummies and headed to the theme park. The crowd was super ramai (it was a Saturday, what do u expect?). We got tix for both the theme parks which we later regretted and stepped in ready for some action!

Since it was a family outing and there were kids, we had no choice but to also entertain the kids with the kiddie rides. The first was the carousel. I nearly puked after coz the ride was super slow and boring. But hey, the kids loved it. We then went to the Spinner (or was it the Spinning sumthing. Can't recall). That thing just spun up and down and high and low. It was fun only coz the adrenaline was still up ;) 

Then it was more kiddie rides on the Spinning Cups, The Horror Train, The Spaceship etc. I don't think i'm getting the names right, but who cares, haahahahaa. It was fun.

For the first time, i rode on the Superman thingy ride. Wanted to the previous times i was there, but was so afraid for my dislocated shoulder. Takut it might just pop out frm the impact. Luckily for me, that didn't happen and it was super thrilling! I got into the outermost cage, it really felt like the pillars were coming straight at me! Hahaaha. Cheap thrills~! 

We finally got to the highlight of the rides.. The Space Shot (it used to be called the Solero Shot. Dunno why it changed, maybe coz Solero wasn't gonna sponsor no more). I was so revved wanting to get on it, and just like the many times before this, each and every time i am actually buckled down, my nerves get to me. I'll be swearing and cursing myself non-stop. "What the hell have i done??" "Why am i doing this?" "What if i was to get a heart attack?" "What if something goes terribly wrong?" 

Psssssssssssssssst.......... And were are up! Owh my God!! I could see the cars frm up here and there are super tiny! The road leading up to the hills is just a thread.. Now seriously.... 

Aaarghh!!!!! And i SURVIVED! Hi-five!

Seriously, all other rides are just kiddies once u've been on the Space Shot. Since it was a Saturday, we headed for the indoor theme park soon after we got off the last ride; Corkscrew. *blush* 

Now. The reason for out utmost regret on purchasing the indoor all excess tix was the boring boring rides. There was the Family Float and the Train etc.. All other thrills were not included in the tix. What a bummer. Pfft. We then headed back.. 

Makan time!! There was nasi lemak, daging masak kicap, sambal ikan bilis, karipap putar, lontong. kuah kurma, nsi impit, nuggets and not forgetting my "macarons". Owh..... what a feast!

The next day was just a quick round at the mall before heading back down to KL. We had tonnes of fun, and i tell ya, nothing beats fun like family fun. Its just icing on the already sweet cake. Or shall i say, macarons. *winks*

sheena the retired lola

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