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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Life is not all rosy and blending in is tough, but SMILE

I kinda "lost" most of my friends after getting married. A friend once told me, "Once you're hitched, ur husband is your bestfriend". So true. But my problem is also my friends before my hijrah. I feel so left out since i no longer do the things we used to do together. Cannot already maa.. Haram..

I've been intrigued by the number of hijabi fashionistas i find on cyber space and i so so wanna join them. But hey, ever try to butt or break into such a close-knit group? It never seems possible. Hahaaa.. Tough luck sheena. Its nice though to know that through the recent bazaars i participated in, i actually did make new friends. Friends who is really oblivion and don't give an eff about who and what i was before. 

Since fashion has always been my forte, though i may not always be the fashion chic savvy (coz i usually don't dare flaunting the styles), i lurve lurve fashion and i'm still trying to find the most chic way to combine the hijab into fashion. And changing the uniform is still not easy for me. sometimes i'm afraid that i'll go a little OTT. But hey, good fashion is mostly OTT. 

Yesterday, i was still browsing for the perfect hijab look for my many many different style. One for the conservative sheena, one for the rocker sheena, one for the easy sheena and one for the stylish sheena. huh? Don't get it? Don't bother.. hahaa.. I tried on the many styles and my face is still the loose hijab wrap. But its so Hana Tajima & everybody else's now. Haish. Yesterday, i spent my night browsing through the many youtube hijab tutorials and mixing it around to achieve the Sheena look. But still, to no avail. I might be trying something new tomorrow. See if you like it.. I'll need comments +)

till then.. Nites & Assalammualaikum..

sheena the retired lola

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