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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Of warmth comforts, folic acid & a little something dat means so much more..

Whoa! I got so many post reviews for yesterday's post! Thanks all for the comfort. Yup, maybe i should stress less. Its like only 4 months! Haahaha. Maybe i'm worrying myself sick for nothing. Thinking about it again, there are also many in the same boat. Rowing the same problems. So whats four months hay? So i'm gonna think more positively now, though i won't stop trying, i'll just make it more fun. My posts ffrom today on will be more of a somewhat journey shared. Maybe exchange an ideas or two with readers..

Listen, i've been getting tonnes of recommendations for folic acid. What does it do actually? I did some research on the world wide web and there were numerous articles on this so-called TTC super magic. I was a little confused (and maybe still is) as most of them actually said that folic acid is good for preggies in the first trimester. Hmm.. Apparently, some did say though that it is good for TTC women. I stumbled upon a blog owned by a super cute Dr Hanan. In his post, Folic Acid for Pregnancy, he did advise to take folic acid before getting married if you're planning to conceive straight after marriage. I guess i shouldn't brush off something so good and highly recommended. Definitely at the top of my "To-buy" list.

Amidst all the science shenanigans, we must always always never forget that it all ends up to His will. Even with spending so much greens on trying to conceive, at the end of the day, if He says its just not our time yet, who are we to defy? Right? But never lose hope and faith. Since we are at the topic of pregnancy and faith, i think i'll have to share these with you. Taken from the pages of "Ikhtiar Penyembuhan Penyakit Dengan Ayat-Ayat dan Doa-Doa Mustajab", Oleh Tuan Guru Dato' Dr. Haron Din, Pengasas dan Penasihat Darussyifa', Edisi Kedua,M/s:69-70.

*Get the book here.

Doa for those trying to conceive, recite the following doa combination.
1. Surah al-Faatihah
2. Doa Mohon Zuriat seperti berikut; dan

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  • "Ya Tuhanku, janganlah Engkau membiarkan aku hidup seorang diri (dengan tidak meninggalkan zuriat) dan Engkaulah jua sebaik-baik Yang Mewarisi." (QS. al-Anbiya: 89). 
  • "Wahai Tuhanku, kurniakanlah kepadaku dari sisiMu zuriat keturunan yang baik, Sesungguhnya Engkau sentiasa mendengar (menerima) doa permohonan". (Al-Imran:38)

  • "Dan tidakkah orang-orang kafir itu memikirkan dan mempercayai bahawa sesungguhnya langit dan bumi itu pada asal mulanya bercantum (sebagai benda yang satu), lalu Kami pisahkan keduanya? dan Kami jadikan dari air, tiap-tiap benda yang hidup? Maka mengapa mereka tidak mahu beriman? (Al-Anbiya': 30) 
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    "Maha Suci Tuhan yang urusannya antara "kaf" dan "nun". Maha suci Tuhan yang urursannya apabila Dia mengkehendaki sesuatu, Ia berkata "Jadilah", maka jadilah. Aku bermohon kepada Allah yang maha Agung, Tuhan yang memiliki 'Arasy yang agung agar Dia menyembuhkan dikau."

    InsyAllah. No harm trying but more to gain.. Maybe this will calm our nerves when we get too anxious. And who knows, He might be listening..

    sheena the TTC retired lola


    ~aina~ said...

    u can also try habbatus sauda.. just to add on yr list.. watever means there are, we can always try.. because some ppl also tells me that some ppl need to ikhtiar byk2.. some ppl rezeki tak turun dr langit, some ppl need to earn them.. i put myself in the list yg kena ikhtiar lebih hehehe..

    lots of love,
    another TTC in the house.. ;)

    Sheena Saini said...

    sweet! gimme the Doa.. will add it to the list <3

    ~aina~ said...

    habbatus sauda is not doa dearie.. its like herb kut.. it has many2 good benefits actually.. look it up.. i got ours from our aunty yg baru balik mekah.. not so sure if we can get it here tho.. but if u knw of anybody going to mekah do kirim ya.. ;)

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