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Sunday, 17 April 2011

red vanilla macarons

it was our lazy saturday and we decided to do some baking. hubs was actually the one who cadangkan we baked. And since die dah gung-ho nak pergi bakery supplies shop to get the almond flour and what-nots, i pun said okaylah, let's bake. 

yes, since we were being hit by this wave of macaron fever, we simply can't get enuff' of it (actually tak lh sgt. selagi tak dapat the perfect shells, selagi tu dok membuat dan membuat lagi dan lagi). heheeeehehe. Actually dah our macarons dah jadi, cuma its just not there yet. Rase die shedap! And it baked as it should. Crisps on the outside and chewy on the inside.. ok; today we did what we called the 'red vanilla'. Shocking red shells with Vanilla Butter CreamCheese filling (his idea, not mine!)
sheena the baking lola


Emily said...

Oh Wow! Red Velvet Macarons!

After 10 expeditions, I am still without those feet/skirt/fan whatever that makes our macarons whole! LOL!

Will be back to visit and see if your macarons spots feet!


Sheena Saini said...

hehee.. i finally got the feet we so so want. but unfortunately, my camera battery went dead before i could snap any pictures. will be baking a batch next week & definitely will share..


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