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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wicked Wednesday

Ahchoom! Ahhhhh-cooom! Excuse me. I've been under the weather lately; since Saturday to be exact. I was literally dragging my feet n butt to get myself up and ready to work (Subang Parade, I <3 Bazaar). The whole day, my sinus got the better of me. Dang! But sales that day ready lfted my spirit. Till today, the flu's still here. Though not to the point where i can't get up, but just lingering and giving me the aches.

Nothing to blog about today. Just wanted to share the fact that i kinda had fun last week dressing up for booths. Some photos i'd kike to share.. These two were taken while at Bijou Bazaar. Both maxi & tapered pants are by jane@TheMarketplace. =)

sheena the retired lola

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