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Thursday, 26 May 2011

DiGi WWWOW Awards : Online Shop of The Year

What is the DiGi WWWOW Awards? Its actually an internet awards for net savvies and techies and cyber celebrities of all sorts.

Its kinda interesting and since they're no harm in trying out my luck, i submitted The Marketplace for nomination. Since winners are based on the number of votes you can generate, so i don't really have to worry much. Not about winning, but at least maybe somewhere in the middle. 

To tell you the truth, it'll really be nice to win this award as a mark of achievement. Hmm.. Especially that The Marketplace will be celebrating its 1st Burfday soon. Wouldn't that be sweet. 

So help support me! Heehehee.. Psst.. I'm actually playing it hard, posting linkies everywhere! But i really really would die to have this! Something to prove to mama & ayah perhaps? 
How to vote? Just click on the "Vote for Me" button at the bottom of this post. Let's pray for VICTORY!! Owh, ranked 1 now is an online DVD shop. hmm.. clever.

sheena the retired lola

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