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Monday, 9 May 2011


The sun has not been my friend these coupla' days. It has been hot hot hot in Malaysia!! I could literally feel my brain boiling under the sun. Though the booth in Subang Parade was indoors, i could still feel it on my skin. Yesterday was no exception. It was so hot that i suffered from the worst ever migraine imaginable. I was puking my way well into the wee hours of the morning. Ice pack; checked. AC; checked. Synflex; checked. I don't think the heat will be leaving us any time soon. Sigh.. 

The weather for today reads: 35°C | 26°C with haze

This is so not my weather! I reckon i'll have to run to the pharmacy to get my migraine meds all stocked up and ready. Double sigh... The Malaysian Meteorological Department forecasts states that the maximum heat for today will be at 36°C. Haiyayaiyayaaai! Better get the ice cubes ready guys.

Right now, all i can think of are these..

sheena the heated lola

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