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Thursday, 5 May 2011


my ehem. nip buttons feel really sore lately. not around it, but the whole IT. Yesterday, since i was already at the doctor's for my infected wound check, i asked the she doctor why. She asked me how long it has been since the last day of my period and then she said, there could be many reasons. She also asked if i wanted to do a pregnancy urine test. Hmm.. Too early lah kan. So i guess i'll skip and wait. See if i miss the next one. 

heheee.. trying not to get excited now. Chill...... Anyways, since we're at the topic of sore, i had my pagar tightened tadi. Sgt sakit and the doctor said next week i'll embark on the final length of the braces journey. The last leg of the race to keep Ms (eh puan) Sheena Saini's unruly chompers in check!

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