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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

what to wear, what to wear

Donning the hijab has brought a different meaning to style for me. I feel i can be more bold and expressive with colours compared to me without the hijab. And since hijabi fashionista are everywhere now, it makes playing dressing up a lot more fun. 

My colour palattes  before has always been the boring earthy tones; to play it save. And my usual dress up routine would be "just grab a pair of jeans, pair it with an oxford bootie (or flats) and Voila! There u have the everyday sheena. For work, i would always always shun away from colours. Maybe because of my lack of  height and self esteem, my 'uniform' would always have been something black or dark for the top, and flared pants. I know, hands are now raised and u'll all be saying BOH-RING! Precisely.

I also noticed that now, with my modest fashion, i have actually found a good good reason to go the layers. Yes, i admit, its crazy hot here, but layering is so LONDON, and LONDON is so FAH-SHION! 

Now, with The Marketplace making debuts in many bazaars around the Klang Valley, i strongly feel i should dress the part. Hey, its all about taking vintage to the next level. Mix it up here and there to get the perfect twist. The dose of vintage without making me look old. ehem. I am old. The idea of what to wear for the next bazaar becomes my ganja. So here I am, thinking and rummaging my aisle of vintage, thinking of what to wear this Saturday to Mama Thistle's Bazaar & Performances day. Should i wear the pleated flare maxi or the wide bottom 70s jeans? Should i hijab with the 'Fake the Turban' tie (i came up with that look coz i can't afford the turbans for now, will upload a picca of it soon *smiles*) or the Hana Tajima loose style? Do i layer with a basic tee or should i go the distance with colour blocking? Or should i just go with a maxi dress instead? 

Hmm.. I still have a few days to plan ahead. No rush. =)
sheena the modest fashion lola

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~aina~ said...

maxi! ^_^

Sheena Saini said...

wore that already to Stellar's bazaar.. hehehee.. still undecisive

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