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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Faking the Turban

Frontal view. Pls ignore the ugly skin
Turban tie with the ZaraMen scarf adik got me from London

Hokay.. This is my "Faking the Turban" hijab style. Since Turbans are IN and there are not many choices in the market now (mostly are the basic BLACK), i decided to fake it and tie 'em out of scarves. Usually, for the Turban tie, i'll choose a cotton scarf. Something that would not be slippery and easier to tie. It also looks "thicker" compared to the Turban tied with satin pr silk scarves. Thin cotton shawls could do as well. As for the wrap, its just the normal shawl wrapped the Egyption / Arabian way. Simple as that. Try it! I have numerous requests for demonstrations to this style, tapi hasn't got the time to do a proper tutorial. Maybe i will soon.. =) What say you?

sheena the modest lola

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