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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Inner SofeaTudung Mel

Okay. First & foremost, i'd like to say sorry to whoever is pissed off with Tudung Mel for tiru-ing the Maysaa Snood. I really like it and nak meli Maysaa nyer memula takde duit (RM90 for a piece of tudung inner is a little steep for my pocket), then inner snood out of stock. Tapi nak bergaya nyer pasal, and ske plak tgk orang pakai tudung tu, i pun order lah the Inner Sofea (inspired by Maysaa).
Parcel arrived today. Yeay! Finally dapat lah gak anak tudung yg menjadi kegilaan ramai ni. So boleh lah bergaya gaya ala Hana Tajima. Hahahaaaa.. Please lah sheena.. Lari jauh kott! But what the heck, a girl's gotta try. 

I bought the Black Sofea

My first inpression. YEAY! Then came these:

1. I have short hair, so whenever i zipped it down, rambut dok tersangkut. OUCH!
2. It runs to the front, maybe coz i takde bonggol unta kott. So it keeps running down my face and i end up having to pull it back every minute (thus causing my outer to tertarik ke belakang gak)
3. So hijabi sistas, you'd know first hand what constant tugging to your inner could do kan, i find strands of hair creeping out of the inner. 
5. I have short hair, so whenever i unzip, rambut dok tersangkut. OUCH!

So. There you have it. Pain is beauty and i should stop my whining. Hahaaa.. But now, the craze is super high and everyone wears one, i'm seriously reconsidering. Its a nice thing to keep in handy for one of those days that u might need it, tapi i think i prefer my Faking the Turban hijab tie. =) 

sheena the modestly fashioned lola

ajjah suggested: Sugarscarf
my predicament: I'm Loving what i see =)


Faisal Admar said...

hmm kena jenguk kedai balik. kalau jenis ni laku boleh jual di ofis haha.

Sheena Saini said...

hahaa.. jenis ni sungguh laku!

ajjah said...

maybe you can try the inner from sugarscarf, it's something like maysaa but no zipper.. i suka sangat.. ":)

Sheena Saini said...

ah.. i'll check it out. thanks ajjah <3

Admin said...

I bought 1 from tudung mel and really2 love it. Dun feel hot at all..:)

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