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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

the silly choices

I have made many silly choices in life. Most of which i endure, corrected and flew the hurdles. But it seems that i have made one too many. Yes, we only learn thru our mistakes and thru this too strive for self betterment. Thinking now if my career path / choice i made is the right one. I do enjoy this, the passion for living vicariously thru beauty in others, but it has since left a huge hole in my wallet. Sigh...

I miss those days where shopping for myself is a habit. Those days where fine dining (or simply just dining out) is not something i have to calculate carefully. Also those days where i do not have to stress out coz i know at the end of every month comes the sweet paycheck. 

Thinking back, i had made this choice myself. I had to prove something to myself. For what? Self fulfillment? I guess so. I am giving myself till the end of this year. If situation worsens, i'd have to face the fact and step back to reality. Sigh.. Choices. 


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