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Thursday, 2 June 2011

a tear runs dry

Im going thru a heart wrenching week. Aware by now, that i can't settle my PTPTN dues of 8k, i have to live with the fact that i'm in fact not going back to Singapore for my cuz's wedding.

What saddens me the most is that she and me have been close since we were in diapers. Always been my foil, she has somewhat unofficially become my pillar of dependence. Emotionally and mentally. Have been crying and crying for days now especially when the thought of her being pretty on the pelamin arises.. But it's not only that. I miss going home. Miss my nenek, my friends, just miss home...

Am praying that all goes well for her at her big day.. Am praying she doesn't get panicky. Am praying everything goes her way...
I love you kakak.. I'm so sorry i couldn't be there.. May you be blessed through your new journey; The new chapter of your already successful life.. May you have loads of smart alec babies who'd busy you non-stop with the question "Why?". May you enjoy every minute of learning to become the perfect wife for Wan. May your journey together be blessed with so much sweet memories like we had thru 30 years shared. 

i love you kak nani with all my heart


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