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Thursday, 2 June 2011

To err is human, but to continuosly err is sin

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People make mistakes. Nobody's perfect. Even when u think you're the perfect one, u still ain't free frm sin. SubhanAllah.. In this modern age and era, everything is common. Pre-marital sex? Common. Drugs? Common. Pornography? Common. Not that i'm agreeable or is something to be proud of, but let's face the fact. What once were taboos are so common nowadays.

I understand the urge for sex in teens and the best kind of sex (hmm.. leaves much to be questioned) are prohibited sex. I understand the thrill of not getting caught by itself gets one extremely high and turned on. Its an in-built human thing. The more you tell a person not to do something, the more they will want to ponder. That's where the term "Curiosity kills the cat" comes from i think.

Lately, i have been disturbed by the news of baby abandonment around Malaysia. Today's one's the worst. A newborn baby was flung down the fifth floor of a housing apartment (read it here). The body was found with its head smashed and the umbilical cord next to it. This is cruelty at ts worst (for now). How could someone carry a human life for 9 months, endure the burden of emotions and pain to just end up doing something so horrible?? Where has all that maternal sense gone? *POOF* 

What could be going through the mind of the "mother". Speaking from a person who is terribly Trying To Conceive, this is so sad. I would gladly take the child from you at no cost and raise it as my own. Have you heard of the Baby Hatch system? Its created by OrphanCARE. A center created by NGO where mothers can drop off their unwanted babies and leave them safe in an incubator without their identities being exposed. See demonstration here. Try that girls. 

I understand that you do what you do out of desperation. But killing the baby or leaving it abandoned where no one can find it is just evil. There are many other means too. Okay, a mistake was made, if u're old enough to have sex, means ur old enough to be responsible for your act. How many more mistakes must you make in your life? Try talking to someone, you could try talking to me if you want to.. Just email me, maybe i could be ur penpal. 

Just imagine girls, i know its hard on you as it is, being pregnant without getting any mental support from your loved ones, then keeping the pregnancy a secret while going through the hormonal surge and emotional roller coaster, and then finally the pain of delivering. I know its hard but lets keep the innocent child in mind. What has it done to suffer? Who brought it here in the very first place. Who gave it life..? Who held it the first time it enters the world..? 

Below are numbers of some people that i think might help in case ur reading this and is facing the situation.. Feel free to copy and keep it safe with you..

Melaka Talian Remaja Hamil - 06 2333 333
OrphanCare - 03 7876 1900

*if you have any more helpline numbers/info to share, do email me and i'll post it up here

sheena the TTC lola

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