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Monday, 11 July 2011

Nak jual my baby

Sobs sobs. After brape lame menjadi teman setiaku, i have come to the decision to sell of my baby perdana. Lagi lagi lah skang economy tengah agak gawat and i need all the monies i could get to pump into my biz. But i think i'll have to repair the car first before its even suitable for sale.

Browse the net tadi and jumpa one website yang i think could help me. Coz i still have a few years hutang ngan bank lagik and i have to carik buyer yg nak sambung bayar.

This company leh arrangekan for your car to be bought secara "sambung bayar". Alhamdulillah, since hutang kat bank is my biggest concern, i think this could be the answer to my solution. 

The company will also prepare all the necessary documentations between seller and buyer and if ade tunggakan ngan bank or dah ditarik bank, they will absorb the costs first. System ni pun suitable for those yang under bank blacklist or contractual employees yang susah dapat loan approval from banks.

Cuma satu je yg i need to know. Kalau lah anything happen? How does this work?

1. kalau owner baru accident, cammane ngan claim tu?
2. kalau owner baru cabuit, cammane ek? Leh ke report police coz if i'm not mistaken, JPJ penalises people for selling cars without transfer ownership

hmm.. rase cam nak suruh sayang call this company and inquire. mane lah tau if okay, boleh gak settle satu problem.

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