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Friday, 28 October 2011

The untitled

New job, new commitments, new lifestyle. A sudden twist to another chapter of the Twisted Life of the Clearly Twisted Shereena Saini. 

Job is okay.. Can't complain. But there is nothing to complain right? Its the job that pays the bills. Not the one that puts food on the table. Just the job that brings the dessert to the meal.

Baah. What is there to update? Hmm.. Belum ade isi lagik. psst.. read: here. Still a double, tp trying very very very very hard. Banyak very tu.. :D

This month is indeed a long tiring month. Literally. Okay seriouhl z HR ^asal ape lagi. Lame tak blog, ides semua dah takde. Ty biler ideas dah datang lik mencurah2 i blog again kay. for now, adios amigos..

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